to your 7day Easy plan

Why easy? 

It’s full of foods you will have in your cupboards that you are already feeding your family

Just follow the plan: 1 breakfast (200kcals) 1 lunch (300kcals) and 1 Dinner (500kcals) and choose your  2 snacks a day (150kcals each) drink at least 3 litres of water (why not add lemon, orange or lime slices, mint or cucumber if you don’t like plain water)

And a ½ pint semi skimmed milk or alternative. .........Easy

How is it different?

You will start to follow something called TRE -Time restricted eating - It’s not complicated - basically from the end of your evening meal until breakfast the next day you eat NOTHING!

You can drink freely, tea and coffee are allowed with a splash of milk (no sugar or sweeteners if you can manage it) Research is showing us we really get good results if we allow our stomachs to empty and reset - this way of eating allows for that...........Different

scrambled egg
quorn chilli
pork dinner
Poached Egg
Lentil Soup
chick leek
cheese and veg omelette
Salmon and veggies
beans and cheese on toast
Tuna & Sweetcorn Jacket
Cream cheese bagel & Tomato
7 day easy plan.png